What is Voice Logging?
The terminology Voice Logging is mainly used to indicate the “logging” of voice conversations.  Only logging the fact that a voice conversation has taken place can be useful but is usually not sufficient. Therefore Voice Logging also refers to recording the audio part of a verbal conversation which is usually referred to as Voice Recording and when it comes to telephony it is often called Call Recording.
General info about Call Recording devices
OptiLogix, high-tech from Europe
Our technology is deployed world-wide by Call Recorder and Voice Recorder manufacturers and plays a crucial role in interfacing various telecom infrastructures (analog, TDM and VoIP) to recording servers using USB, PCI / PCIe and LAN connectivity supporting all Windows OS versions. In addition the LAN based audio streamers also support operating systems like Linux.
All OptiLogix products are designed and produced in- house in The Netherlands with sales offices in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway and Germany. Find out about our company and voice recording devices, all the latest news, technical information and much much more ...
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